Frequent questions

  1. Can I book a taxi easily?
    Yes, very easy through the form by choosing rather a standard taxi or taxi van or mini bus.
  2. When can I book a transfer?
    Any time, 24/7/365 with our fleet ( taxi, taxi van, mini bus)
  3. Before reservation can I get in touch with you?
    Of course! By email, telephone or what’s up.
  4. Payment can be made only cash?
    Taxi, taxi van and mini bus have all POS for your best service.
  5. Is there extra charge for luggage?
    No, luggage is free of charge.
  6. Do child seats have extra charge?
    We offer child seats for all ages for nothing.
  7. How can I book a tour?
    After making an appointment and the fixed prices are 30€ p/h for standard taxi, 40€ p/h for taxi van and 50€ p/h for mini bus. 
  8. Where will be the meeting point?
    Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall with your name on a sign.
  9. What happens in case of cancellation?
    There is no charge. Just inform us.
  10.  Are pets allowed?
    Unless you keep it in your arms or in special cage.