Excursions to different parts of Chania and Crete historical places. Much of experience in excursions all over the island. We offer personalised and flexible tours and excursions in Chania or all around the Crete. Book your private day tour with us. For more information contact us via phone, e-mail, or use our booking or contact form. At each excursion will take place with an eight-seat mini van on six selected prime destinations and the pricing policy of our company is determined per hour for each group and also how many people as follow the excursion:

Suggested Destinations

Heraklion Knossos palace

Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archeological site of Crete. The name Knossos survives from Ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete.

Continuing into the center you can visit the Historical Museum which presents a comprehensive view of Cretan history from early Christian times to the present day. Of course walking around the town and having meal would be interesting.

1-8 persons 9-10 hours 400€

Recommended time 08.00

Samaria Gorge

Going to Omalos crossing the Samaria gorge you enjoy nature in all its grandeur. It ends in the area of Agia Roumeli where you can enjoy food and your swim in the crystal clear waters and late in the afternoon you will take the ferry to Chora Sfakion and the driver will pick you up for your return.

1-8 persons  260€

Recommended time 07.00


Cretaquarium- Heraklion city

This is where your experience exploring the Mediterranean sea world begins. Come face to face with hundreds of spieces and thousands of living organisms. Be fascinated by their behavior as they reveal the wide variety of shapes, colors, habits and needs of their own world. Heraklion city is the island’s capital full of history and attractions in and around the old city. It has a beautiful waterfront area with seaside restaurants, several important museums and lovely squares where you can spend an afternoon in a street-side cafe.

Recommended time 08.00 

1-8 persons  

9-10 hours 400€

Elafonisi is an island known for its exotic pink sand beaches with turquoise water, reminding of the Caribbean. You can enjoy in this magic place the sea, after we can stop in a restaurant for a meal and then for a treat in “House of Raki” .

1-8 persons  8 hours    360€

1-8 persons  10 hours  420€

1-8 persons  12 hours  450€

Recommended time 08.30


Falassarna bay hosts some of the most famous beaches in Greece with whitish sand, making the water color tropical.

At the end you can have dinner in Kalyviani restaurant one of the best places for traditional Greek food.

1-8 persons 6 hours 270€

1-8 persons 8 hours 360€

1-8 persons 10 hours 420€

Recommended time 09.30

 Agia Triada-Gouverneto- Venizelos Tombs- Chania Old Town


It is really worth visiting the Monastery of Agia Triada which is extremely beautiful combining your visit with Gouverneto just a few kilometers away. After we will go to “Venizelos Tombs” and then to “Koukouvagia” cafeteria witch is popular  for it’s nice sweets. Continuing, we will make a visit to 

the old Venetian harbour of Chania which is considered to be one of the most significant historical landmarks in Crete. Make sure you walk to the lighthouse just before the sunset for one of the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see. 


1-8  persons  6 hours  270€

Recommended  time 15.00

Theriso-Drakona- Meskla-Lake of Agia

Theriso is a historical village popular for the cooler temperatures. You can visit a War museum and  Drakona village which is suitable for lunch. After we will go to Zourva and Meskla and see the “Sarakiniko” Gorge (30 min). Next visit will be Lake of Agia for coffe.


1-8 persons  5-6  hours 225€

Recommended time 12.00


Lake of Kournas- Argyroupoli- Rethymno

Kournas Lake is the only freshwater lake in Crete. The lake is in a beautiful landscape, lying in valley among the hills. It is the ideal place for a walk or a daytrip nearby. Also you can swim or ride a pedalo on the lake.

Physical mini waterfalls in Argiroupoli is a must see attraction 30min away from Rethymno city. Of course don’t miss the walk to the beautiful old town of Rethymno.

1-8 persons 8-9 hours 360€

Recommended time 09.00

Botanic Park


If you are looking for a lovely walk in nature the Crete Botanical Gardens are easily accessible from Chania. Enjoy a terraced walk with lots of fruit trees, herbs, pharmaceutical plants and a delicious restaurant.


1-8 persons 4-5 hours 180€

Recommended time 10.00

Balos Beach


Going to the port of  Kissamos you will take ferry to Balos enjoining the enchanting route as well as the enchanting beach of Balos and opposite a stand to Gramvousa island returning  late in the afternoon  waiting for you in the port  of Kissamos 

1-8 persons 225€


Recommended time 09.00


Imbros gorge


The gorge of Imbros is a popular gorge for walkers in Crete with average walking time about 3hours. After we will visit “Armenoi” , a beautiful green village will huge plane trees. In the restaurant “Drosostalia” you will have a special gastronomic experience in a natural green environment.


1-8 persons 6-7 hours 270€


Recommended time 10.00


Dourakis winery- Kanakis Olive Mill factory.

Dourakis winery is an award wining boutique green winery located in Alikampos, Chania Crete, open year round for winery tour and wine tasting.

Kanakis olive mill factory is an interesting place to visit for tasting extra virgin olive oil Bio, olives and other products. You have also the opportunity buying one of these traditional products. At the end you can have a coffee in the cafe nearby.

Recommended time 09-10.00

1-8 persons 6-7 hours 270€

Manousakis winery

At Manousakis winery you can taste organic Nostos Wines on a tasting terrace , see beautiful vineyards ,eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant, take a cooking class and more.

Recommended time 10-11.00

1-8 persons 5 hours 225€

Karavitakis winery- Astrikas Estate Biolea

Karavitakis winery with local Cretan wine varieties will offer you the opportunity for a local wine tasting experience in Chania.

In Biolea oil factory you will see the olive mill which is a pioneering enterprise that comprises high technology with very traditional methods for the production of gold liquid, not just olive mill. You will enjoy the Cretan land and the magnificent location of the olive mill.

Recommended time 10-11.00

1-8 persons 7 hours 290€

 Monumental olive tree- Karavitakis winery- Cave of Saint Ioannis the Hermit- Gonia Monastery 

The Monumental olive tree is considered the oldest tree in the world and is 3000-5000 years old and is still fruitful! The olive tree has been declared by the Association of Olive Growing Municipalities of Crete as “Monumental” due to the peculiarity of the shape and the exceptional aesthetics of the relief of its trunk.

Karavitakis winery with local Cretan wine varieties will offer you the opportunity for a local wine tasting experience. Enjoy your tour and find the one that suits your taste.

In the area of “Marathokefala” in the cave of Kissamos is the famous historical cave of Saint Ioannis the Hermit in which according to tradition lived the saint who toured Crete and essentially founded the rich ascetic tradition of the island. Inside the cave there is a temple of the 15th century and foundations of old cells dating back to the 17th-18th century.

Gonia” monastery has historical and architecture value. You can find there a magnificent courtyard  with a beautiful old church in the middle of it. As well there is a wonderful modern museum of sacral art and attributes. There is a small terrace with a view on the bay. There is a gift store in which you can find a rich range of religious attributes but you can also find there honey, wine, olive oil and raki made by the monks in the monastery.

Recommended time 9-10.00

1-8  persons  7 hours 310€

 Pnevmatikakis winery 

Pnevmatikakis winery is located in Drapanias close to the new National road of Chania-Kissamoa, where you can taste a big variety of wine and raki at the wine museum.


Recommended time 11.00


1-8 persons  6 hours 260€


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